Enrico MAINARDI is now working for a well known Nuclear Company as a Senior Engineer for System Integration & Licensing. He has a research and development experience in several fields of energy and nuclear science and technology in Italy (ENEA - National Agency for the New Technologies, Energy, and the Environment, APAT - Agency for Environmental Protection and Technical Services) and USA (UCB - University of California Berkeley, LBNL - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory).

Enrico MAINARDI He is the author of the book “Impieghi dell'energia nucleare” and of a number of publications for international refereed scientific journals, reports, technical papers. He is collaborating with the magazines: “Scienza e Tecnica”, “Nuova Energia”, “Power Technology”, “21mo SECOLO, Scienza e tecnologia”, “Heos”. He has been consultant on energy/research issues in the Gerson Lehrman Group Energy Council. He has experience as member of the Executive Committee of AIN (Italian Nuclear Association) with the position of deputy secretary general, as member of the Executive Committee for the IYNC (International Youth Nuclear Congress) and as a representative for Italy in the IYNC and in the ENS YGN (Young Generation Network) core group.

Enrico MAINARDI has a degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Bologna, a PhD in Energetics from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and he has teaching contracts at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.


Ing. Dr. Enrico Mainardi
E-mail: mainardi@enricomainardi.it
Phone: +39-339.7716.934; +39-340.2344.912;
Fax: +39-1782780244

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